R/C Boats

Radio Controlled Boats

Just as in life, the variety of our R/C boats runs the gamut.  We have sailboats, race boats and everything in between!  The choice is yours.  What type of R/C boat is right for you?  Stop by Hobby-Sports.com to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members to discover which choice is right for you!


Sailboats receive their power from the force of the wind.  A large sail catches the wind and moves it forward in the same manner as a full-size sailboat.  R/C sailboats come in a range of sizes, from less than twenty inches in length to 40 inches long.  And its mast can tower up to a whopping 79 inches (over 6 feet) above the water!

Powered R/C Boats

Wind power is the only choice for sailboats.  But, when choosing a powered boat you have a few choices to make.  Should you go with an electric motor, a glow engine or a gas engine? ·         An electric motor is perfect for beginners.  This is because they are easy to control, maintain and quite affordable. ·         A glow or nitro-powered motor is ideal for thrill seekers who are looking to “step up” their boating skills. ·         Gas powered motors are the largest and most powerful for your R/C boat.  They are less expensive to operate and maintain when compared to their nitro counterpart.


Some of the manufactures we carry. We can special order from other manufactures not listed below.   Aquacraft Atomik Dumas Pro Boat Sterrix Traxxas Venom And More

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