R/C Trucks

R/C Trucks

How fast will my R/C truck travel?  If I need parts, do you carry them or will I have to order them?  These are questions that we encounter every day at Hobby Sports.  Our answers will always be the same.  The speed of your R/C truck will depend on a number of things and we will ask you several questions in order to get to the bottom of your dilemma.  And as far as parts for your Radio Controlled, the answer is YES!  We carry the parts for everything that we stock.


Electric or Nitro?

One of the most important questions you will ask yourself prior to purchasing your new R/C truck is which power source you should choose.  Both will provide you with a positive R/C experience.  Now let’s break each of them down:

·         Electric – These R/C trucks are quick, quiet and easy to afford, build and drive.  This choice of R/C power is very popular with our first time modelers and comes equipped with a rechargeable battery pack.  An R/C truck with a stock motor will provide you with about 8-10 minutes of run time.  By using multiple packs and a charger, an electric R/C can be used for hours.

·         Nitro – Nitro vehicles have grown enormously with the immense improvements in the glow engine technology.  This has simplified the tuning and maintenance which enables hobbyists to enjoy the realistic sound and smell of a Nitro power’s acceleration and speed.



Some of the manufactures we carry. We can special order from other manufactures not listed below.





Custom Works




HPI Racing


Mugen Seiki

Ofna Racing



Team Losi Racing


And More

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