R/C Helicopters

Radio Controlled Helicopters

Have you always wanted to fly a Helicopters ?  Or do you dream of riding in one?  Are these options available to you?  No?  Then why not go for the next best thing?  Own and control the R/C Helicoptersof your dreams!  Stop by Hobby-Sports.com today for a crash course in the R/C Helicopters that we provide in our shop.  We can help you discover which model is the most appropriate for you and your hobby needs.

Which One is Right for You?

There are so many options available on the market today, that it may be a bit overwhelming when trying to decide which model option is right for you.  So let Hobby-Sports.com help you in making that choice.

· Nitro (glow engine-powered) Helis – This option includes .30-, .50- and .90-size models.  Due to the advancements in batteries and motors, this choice is at an all-time high.  They are very clean and quiet.

·  LiPo (Lithium-Polymer) Helis – When this model is properly set up with a brushless motor and light, high-capacity LiPo battery, it will outperform a nitro machine in both flight time and performance. Both options are available in Kit and ARF (Almost-Ready-to-Fly) variations.  Almost all RTF (Ready-to-Fly) helis are electric.  This is a huge convenience, especially if you are a new pilot.  This option doesn’t just come assembled, but it also includes almost all the required items

R/C Airplanes

Radio Controlled Planes

Have you always wanted to be a pilot, but that choice is simply out of the question?  Then choose the next best thing with a R/C plane!  Hobby-Sports.com offers a variety of R/C planes to choose from and our helpful team can give you the personal and hands on service that you need in order to make the right choice for you!

Choose Your Power Source

Traditionally, R/C planes have been powered by a 2-stroke engine that burns a methanol/nitro-methane/oil mixture.  This oil mixture is call “glow fuel.”  But, now there is another power source to consider.  A 4-stroke engine for your R/C plane will provide you with a clean and quiet electric motor.

Radio Controlled Plane Range

You are probably wondering what kind of flying range your R/C plane will have.  Obviously, each R/ plane is different, but some basic information for controlling your plane would be as follows:

·  Range for your R/C plane is about one mile.

·  To maintain control, keep your plane close enough to distinguish what it is doing.

·   Even a 5-6 foot plane looks small half a mile away!

·   Should you run out of fuel during flight, you can still control your engine.